Code Tables

All Code Tables and code table data are the domain of the Advisory Committee. Any proposed new values must be submitted to the Advisory Committee for consideration.

Values should:

  • Be unambiguous. The choice between two values should always be clear, preferably from the values themselves.
  • Be documented. Especially in the case of values which cannot stand alone, clear documentation applicable to any collection which might use the value is critical. For example, note the distinction in CTSEX_CDE between “not recorded,” “recorded as unknown,” and “unknown.”
  • Be universal. “A” should mean the same thing in an insect collection as it does in a palaeontology collection. This sometimes requires compromises in terminology.
  • Be consistent.

Consistent data provide more-usable pick lists, better provide users with what they need, and allow more flexibility in communicating with other data.  However, these goals may not be entirely possible due to curatorial reasons. In any conflict between ‘good data’ (e.g., consistent values) and curatorial need, curatorial need should win. (It is often possible to revisit the data after some time in use and make improvements then.)

Any changes to existing values must be coordinated with the database administrators.


Taxonomy is included here only for completeness. See Taxonomy Documentation for more information.


Geography is included here only for completeness. See Geography Documentation for more information.


Agents are included here only for completeness. See Agent Documentation for more information.