Geology Attributes

Geology Attributes attach geology information to Locality. Each locality may contain any number of geology attributes, each with a determiner and method.


UAM@ARCTOS> desc geology_attributes
Name                                   Null?    Type
—————————————————————– ——– ——————————————–
GEOLOGY_ATTRIBUTE_ID                           NOT NULL NUMBER
LOCALITY_ID                               NOT NULL NUMBER
GEOLOGY_ATTRIBUTE                           NOT NULL VARCHAR2(255)
GEO_ATT_VALUE                               NOT NULL VARCHAR2(255)
GEO_ATT_DETERMINER_ID                                NUMBER
GEO_ATT_DETERMINED_DATE                            DATE
GEO_ATT_DETERMINED_METHOD                            VARCHAR2(255)
GEO_ATT_REMARK                                 VARCHAR2(4000)



While individual geology attributes are asserted, the hierachical code table structure allows locating specimens attributed to geology which is more specific than the search term.