Joining Arctos

Arctos is a collaborative effort to share database resources and to standardize collection data. Collections who are interested in joining Arctos should contact the Chairs of the Advisory and Steering committees and the lead programmer.

Evaluation of the Collection(s):

We have developed a questionnaire to assist in evaluating collection(s) interested in joining Arctos. This questionnaire should be completed by someone familiar with the collection operations and data. Responses to the questionnaire will be followed by more detailed discussion about specific aspects of the data, as well as discussion about contributions to the operational costs of Arctos. Such discussion requires open communication with permanent staff who are able to answer questions about the data. The questionnaire and discussion will be used to assess the amount of work that will be required to migrate data into Arctos.

Arctos Participation Initial Questionnaire (web form)

Migrating Data into Arctos:

Once a collection has agreed to join Arctos, we will begin the process of creating the collection and initial users (with appropriate permissions) at no charge. Collections will be responsible for getting their data ready to import, although Arctos technical support staff will advise and assist the collection(s) through this process. At least one permanent collection staff person must be available to work with Arctos staff during data migration.

The effort involved in data migration will depend on the size of the collection(s), complexity of data types, and state of the data. Typically, data migration involves formatting, cleaning, and uploading digital data into Arctos tables (view data structure). Collections may contract with the Arctos lead programmer at a rate that covers salary plus benefits, through the University of Alaska, to assist with the migration process. Collections may also include funding for data migration in grant budgets. Collections with simple, ‘clean’ data can typically prepare their own data at no additional cost.

Potential participants who submit grant proposals with the intention of joining Arctos must obtain a letter of support from the Chair of the Arctos Steering Committee.

Once data are in Arctos, collections are responsible for maintaining and updating their own data records.

Costs of Joining Arctos