Query Directly with SQL

If you can’t find a way to extract information you need, in the form that you need it, and you have some knowledge of Structured Query Language (SQL), then you might want to try the “Write SQL” option in the “Reports” dropdown.  This is a window into which you can write (or paste) text in the form of Oracle PL/SQL SELECT statements and obtain results as either a table or a CVS file.  The window is accessible to user accounts that have been granted the “ColdFusion user” privilege.

If you have a only a limited knowledge of any SQL “dialect,” then you may still be able to take someone else’s query, modify it, experiment with it, and obtain what you need.  If in doing so, you add significant functionality, then please, for the benefit of others, contribute your efforts to Arctos’s library of such queries.  If you’re good with SQL, then download the Arctos Entity Relationship Diagram for a map of the data structure.

When contributing SQL query, create a separate page as child of this page.  Give your page a descriptive title, and at least a one or two sentences as to what the query does.  Also, add your name and the current date.  (Some queries will become obsolete as Arctos’s data structure evolves.)